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Please be advised that processing of applications may take longer than usual in view of the COVID-19 situation and in compliance with government directives to adapt flexible working arrangements for the safety of our employees.

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I have read, understood and agreed to be bound by terms and conditions governing BPI Prepaid Cards and those governing the BPI's Deposit, Products, Services, Facilities and Channels as the same may be amended or supplemented from time to time, which were provided and are found at or through such other available channels or electronic applications selected by BPI.
By signing this form or by availing or continuing to avail of the products, services, facilities and channels of the BPI, its subsidiaries and affiliates ("BPI Group of Companies"), I agree that all my personal information (including those of individuals related to me), my transactions, business and credit relationships, accounts or account information or records which are with you, made available to you or which are in your possession or updated from time to time, may be collected, obtained, used, stored, consolidated, processed, profiled, benchmarked, shared to and disclosed, by and between the BPI and any member of the BPI Group of Companies, their successors and assigns, and their respective authorized representatives, agents and service providers, for any or all the purposes described in the Data Privacy Statement published at and deemed incorporated by reference in this form.